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Juniper has been the symbol of the Dutch drinking culture ever since the olden days, When men wandered the city canals, drinking away their lost loves and hopelessly searching for their fortunes. A little tradition called “Dutch courage” always came in handy too.

We respect tradition, but thought this old-timer could do with a new twist. Together with master distiller Pieter Verhoeven we created JAJEM at the Golden Arch distillery in the north of Amsterdam. JAJEM is a soft Jenever infused with lemongrass hibiscus and elderflower.

Best served chilled, or with a mixer. Our signature cocktail is the Red Light Mule: JAJEM, our homemade ginger beer, squeezed lime and a little drip of angostura bitter. Better still, we think the best way to enjoy JAJEM is by drinking it with beer.

Something we like to call a ‘Kopstootje’.